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A successful website requires much more than pretty graphics and catchy copy.

Like a sturdy home, a website needs a solid foundation that makes it easy for search engines to figure out what keywords for which your website should rank.

A house with rotting beams, cracking walls or no insulation will fall apart. Similarly, if the foundation of your website is flawed, it can’t perform, no matter how nice it looks. Each page will be reviewed from an information architecture and content perspective in an effort to gain rank on the most important search terms possible.

Our website design company based in Kelowna is an experienced firm with many years of experience in creating unique designs for sites. Our designers are seasoned in creating different designs every time. They take every project as a challenge and they do a great job every time.

Mighty Loop will apply six core principles to this website review and will analyze all aspects of the site:

  1. Readability
  2. Navigability
  3. Discoverability
  4. Proximity
  5. Consistency
  6. Downloadability

We work with clients to deliver an information web plan that’s both search engine-friendly and delivers an amazing user experience. Whether you’re developing & design a new website or wanting to refine an existing one, we’ll do the due diligence to determine how customers are interacting with your website and then perform keyword and competitor analysis to optimize the site for better search results.

With our website design company in Kelowna, you won’t need looking anywhere for help. If you have a design in mind, we will request you to make a blueprint of that design so that our designers understand your needs and they can come up with the design that not only matches with your business but suits to your pocket as well.

The outcome is a recommended site set-up that maximizes both inbound traffic and conversion rates.

Looking to work with an amazing website design company in Kelowna BC? Let's make your website searchable and useable.